Tracking Medical Devices – Symposium Series

The first in a series of Webinars to discuss the important FDA regulatory compliance requirement for Tracking medical devices and UDI – Unique Medical Device Identifier requirements.

The Medical Device Tracking Symposium Series covers many topics throughout this coming year related to changing government regulations, industry guidance, infrastructure and technological challenges facing us all in this industry.

Symposium Series #1

How to manage UDI Compliance

The Expert Panel Discussing the Following:

  • What is the FDA Final Rule on UDIs for medical devices and what does it mean for our industry?
  • What exactly is the Law (regulation) and what isn’t?
  • What are our timelines for compliance by device class and what are the expectations for compliance?
  • Anything under considerations that may affect this changing regulatory environment?
  • How can MedDevTrack help me with my compliance needs?
  • What is MedDevTrack plan to meet or exceed compliance requirements with their solutions?
  • Are there any publications available that I can take with me after the presentation to help further understand all of this in a deeper way?

Additional Resources

We have made the following presentation available for you to view in a variety of formats, enjoy.

Slide Deck Presentation - Prezi

Slide Deck Presentation - PDF

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