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We bring our extensive experience in providing solutions for Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals through our software development effort with a veteran team of industry experts spanning decades of experience. That experience is reflected in the software solutions, expert configuration management, regulatory compliance and patient media consulting we offer.

Our work is our passion

Compliance & Quality Assurance

One of our strengths as a solution provider for Medical Device Tracking solutions is our expert in-house knowledge of regulatory compliance within the global market for device tracking and clinical trials/post-marketing surveillance systems. You can rely on our experts to help with your compliance preparedness, whether in preparing fro an FDA audit or determining the gaps you may face in delivering compliant solutions including everything from SOPs, training, SDLC and submission preparedness.


Expert Configuration

We developed our MedDevTrack totally in-house and have the best understanding of how to configure the application to meet you needs.  Our consultants have delivered many solutions for medical device tracking for our clients and have a proven track record of rapid deployment after requirements gathering.

Design & Marketing

We provide expert consulting for solution delivery through web site design related to patient engagement protocols to help provide patient information to your clinical population. This helps engage them to maintain an active registration throughout the use of your device. We are fully versed in the use of social media platforms and have won many awards for our patient engagement sites in the industry. We also provide website development services for your product branding using our state-of the-art website design expertise and  site development platform.

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Expert configuration to provide the best implementation of our system for your devices. The Total Solution – Device trial definition, management and reporting, regulatory preparedness consulting, Quality Assurance environment setup, mock audits and regulatory gap analysis reports

Why Choose Us?
MedDevTrack is a system development and services company specializing in medical device tracking and collection of associated data concern the behavior of the device in use either within the body or measuring/monitoring a medical condition. The system is extended upon Portford Solutions Group successful Generation 2 Medical Device Tracking platform based on its award-winning DocuNECT workflow engine and supports many types of transactions starting with medical device tracking but also including clinical data to provide highly desired integration of image management and predictive analytics tools for the worldwide market.

Its founders are former developers and current system owners of cutting-edge products currently serving both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.  Each principal has over 25 years’ experience in this market with successful track records delivering software products and services.

Our Expertise

Medical Device Tracking

We have been providing Medical Device Tracking solutions to some of the largest manufacturers for years. We were early adopters of a cloud-based solution for our product and invite you to see a demo of our Second generation UDI-compliant device tracking solution.

Experts and Opinion Leaders

We have formed MedDevTrack to expand beyond our original application focus to include experts in area of clinical trials and use environments, regulator compliance and physician/patient engagement.

Marketing Data

As we move toward a world of social media to engage all of those involved with our product acquisition, use and information efforts, we are committed to providing services from web design, social media platform integration and traditional user information marketing to most effectively engage your clientele.